Employer liable for employee’s violent assault on customer

The Supreme Court has held supermarket Morrisons liable for an assault on a customer by one of its employees.
Mohamud v WM Morrison Supermarkets plc

Pensions: the scope of an employer’s duty of care

An employer had a ‘duty of care’ to provide its employee with important information on the tax implications of a decision he proposed to take about his retirement benefits.
Cherry v Police and Crime Commission of South Wales

Monitoring of employees’ personal communications at work

Where an employer had a ban on personal use of company equipment and an employee denied using an e-mail account for personal reasons, it was not a breach of his right to a private life for his employer to access that personal account to disprove what he was saying. This does not mean that employers have the right to look at all private communications of their staff at any time.
Bărbulescu v Romania

Victimisation by association

The victimisation provisions in the Equality Act 2010 could extend to claims of discrimination by association.
Thompson v London Central Bus Company Ltd

Time off for dependants: failure to contact employer as soon as reasonably practicable

The dismissal of an employee who took time off work to take his wife to hospital was not automatically unfair as he had not contacted his employer to explain the reason for his absence as soon as reasonably practicable.
Ellis v Ratcliff Palfinger Ltd

Recovering an overpayment from wages is a ‘deduction’ and must be itemised on payslip

A reduction of an employee’s wages to recover an overpayment made in a previous pay period was a ‘deduction’ in law and thus the amount and purpose of the deduction should have been itemised on the employee’s payslip.
Ridge v Her Majesty’s Land Registry
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