Pay data: January 2015

Various research organisations have published data on average pay settlements for the three/four months to December 2014.

Data protection guide updated

The information Commissioner has updated its guide to data protection.

Deduction to repay training costs didn’t count for minimum wage purposes

A deduction made on termination in respect of repayment of training costs did not breach minimum wage law.
HM Revenue and Customs v Lorne Stewart plc

ACAS code and the right to be accompanied

ACAS had amended its Code of Practice - Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures on the right to be accompanied.

Australian employee could bring employment claims in the UK

An Australian citizen employed by a British company, who worked remotely in Australia, could bring unfair dismissal and whistleblowing claims under the Employment Rights Act 1996.
Lodge v Dignity & Choice in Dying

Fit for Work guidance

New guidance has been published for employers on using the Fit for Work scheme which is designed to help employees return to the workplace after long-term sickness absence.

Whether managers assigned to organised grouping of employees

A group of managerial employees was not assigned to an organised grouping of employees that transferred under the service provision change provisions of TUPE.
London Borough of Hillingdon v Gormanley

December 2014 inflation data

UK Consumer Prices index inflation fell in the year to December 2014 to 0.5%. The detailed figures are as follows:

Holiday pay, overtime and commission

  • Beverley Sunderland, Director at Crossland Employment Solicitors, discusses the impact on holiday pay following the European decision in Lock v British Gas and the subsequent EAT decision in Bear Scotland Ltd v Fulton.
  • She examines the situation now, what employees can claim going forward, any claims for back pay and what practical steps employers can take to minimise the impact.

Depression and disability

While someone suffering from depression may be disabled under the statutory definition, it’s not inevitably the case that this will be so.
Saad v Southampton University Hospital NHS Trust

Pay data: December 2014

Various research organisations have published data on average pay settlements for the three/four months to November 2014, and the pay picture remains subdued.

Caste discrimination may be covered by existing equality law

Caste can be protected under the Equality Act but only where caste is part of a protected characteristic, usually ethnic origin.
Chandhok v Tirkey
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Wednesday, 21 January 2015

2015 and all that – what to expect in employment law

A number of significant cases were decided towards the end of 2014. Further, Unison sought to repeal the introduction of the fees regime in the employment tribunals which has led to a reduction of over 70% in the number of claims being issued. With this background in mind and an election looming, what changes can we expect in employment law in 2015?

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