Tribunal fees to be abolished in Scotland

The Scottish Government has signalled its political intent to abolish employment tribunal fees.

NMW – higher penalties and strengthened enforcement

The penalty for failing to pay the National Minimum Wage (NMW) is to be doubled, as is the enforcement budget, and those found guilty of non-payment could face disqualification as company directors.

Management pay gap

Women working in equivalent full-time roles earn 22% less than men and this pay gap was widest at the highest positions - at senior/ director level, the average pay for men is £138,699 whereas women earn on average £123,756.

Tribunal fees challenge fails for the third time

Unison’s challenge to the legality of the employment tribunal fees regime has failed for the third time, this time in the Court of Appeal. Whilst ‘troubled’ by decline in claims, the court rejected all of the union’s challenges.

Affirming contracts of employment– context is everything

When considering whether an employee has delayed too long following his or her employer’s fundamental breach of contract, i.e. whether he or she has ‘affirmed’ the contract, the reasons for and the context in which the delay occurred should not be overlooked.
Adjei-Frempong v Howard Frank Ltd

Pay data: August 2015

With peak time for pay setting in 2015 already finished, the latest data on average pay settlements reveals little upward movement in pay settlements.

Commission’s take on improving work-life balance

The Commission has outlined its thinking on how it’ll address the challenges of work-life balance faced by working families.

July 2015 inflation data

Consumer Prices Index inflation rose in the year to July 2015 to 0.1%. The detailed figures are as follows:

Fair dismissal for derogatory comments made about employer on Facebook

An employee who posted Facebook comments boasting of getting drunk whilst on emergency standby and used offensive language about his managers was fairly dismissed even though the company was not actually named, the employee had eight years’ unblemished service and the comments were made two years before his dismissal.
The British Waterways Board v Smith

Unlimited fines for health and safety offences in the magistrates’ courts

The previous limits on magistrates’ court fines of £5,000 or more have been removed, bringing the prospect of unlimited fines in England and Wales for health and safety and environmental offences. 

Prospects for younger job seekers improve and modest increase in pay forecast

Employers are increasing turning to young talent to fill their skills gaps according to the CIPD’s summer Labour Market Outlook and the forecast average median pay award in the next 12 months slightly up at 2%.

Automatic payment of union fees to be stopped

Public sector workers are to be stopped from paying their union subscriptions direct from their salaries – the so-called ‘check-off’ system.
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Wednesday, 02 September 2015

The Facebook factor

There seems to be a growing trend amongst workforce management technologies to play up the divisions and mistrust between management and staff. There are advertising themes based on: ‘Do you know how your staff really spend their day?’ and examples of how technology can monitor every key stroke and every application to show how much time staff spend on Facebook, eBay, Netflix, etc.

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