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Ante-natal care
Maternity leave
Rights and obligations during maternity leave
Returning to work
Maternity pay
Health and safety
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  • This Checklist covers managing maternity issues at work. It covers all aspects of maternity, including ante-natal care, maternity leave, maternity pay, returning to work, and discrimination and health and safety issues.
  • It concludes with an at-a-glance summary and a list of useful resources.
  • When considering maternity issues, employers should remember that all working parents and carers who have been with their employer for at least 26 weeks and have a child aged 16 or under (or 18 if disabled) can legally request flexible working – this is most likely to occur when a woman returns from maternity leave – and an unreasoned refusal can lead to a sex discrimination claim.
  • As well as maternity leave and pay, most mothers and fathers will be entitled to a period of unpaid parental leave.
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