Equality Act Top Ten

Topic Index
1. Key concepts
2. Definition of disability
3. Indirect disability discrimination
4. Discrimination ‘arising from’ disability
5. Reasonable adjustments
6. Pre-employment health enquiries
7. Pay secrecy clauses
8. Gender pay gap information
9. Positive action
10. Increased tribunal powers


  • This Checklist looks at the Top 10 issues that employers need to know about the Equality Act 2010.
  • In the main, the Act brings together all the various anti-discrimination provisions into one single piece of legislation. But it also contains new provisions, chiefly in the area of disability discrimination, which will impact directly on employers’ practices, procedures and policies.
  • This Checklist looks at how disabilty is defined; the new concepts of indirect disability discrimination and discrimination 'arising from' disability; the changes to the requirements on reasonable adjustments; the prohibition on making pre-employment health enquiries; and the significant increase in the power of tribunals in discrimination cases.
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