EU Developments

Worker information and consultation

The EU Commission has started a consultation with the EU level social partners (representatives of employers and employees) to obtain their views on the possible direction of EU action aimed at strengthening the coherence and effectiveness of the existing EU laws on worker information and consultation at national level.

Review of Working Time Directive

A review of the Working Time Directive is back on the agenda of the Commission but, based on previous experience with this piece of legislation, progress on its reform will not be quick.

Parliament backs women on boards plans

Following its proposal by the EU Commission at the end of 2012, the EU Parliament has voted, by a substantial majority, in favour of a 40% target for women non-executive directors on boards of listed companies by 2020. 

Cutting EU red tape report

A group of business leaders have submitted recommendations to government for cutting back EU regulations.

Commission looks at information and consultation

The European Commission thinks there may be some scope for tinkering with the EU rules on information and consultation but this seems unlikely to take the form of any new laws.

Commission wants to ease compliance burden on SMEs

Data protection, the REACH chemical regulations and working time rules rank among the ten most burdensome EU laws for the SME sector.

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