How to influence your senior stakeholders

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In today’s market and operating environment the HR/L&D function has an increasingly important role to play at the top table – in the boardroom. Talent and capability are front and centre in the minds of most CEOs who struggle to ensure that their business is agile enough to thrive as the rate of change increases, they attract and retain the right people, and their people have the right capability to deliver.

But it hasn’t always been this way. HR has a legacy in some companies of being seen as a cost centre rather than a profit contributor, as being ancillary and in support of the business’s central function rather than a business partner intrinsic to its success. HR/L&D professionals increasingly need to bring effective challenge to the business leadership, to be seen as performance experts, and this requires highly effective influencing skills.

We defined the C3 Model of Influencing™ from research we conducted for our first book, Brilliant Selling, and it is particularly relevant in the context of the HR/L&D role. People who are highly effective at influencing others are able to balance three important elements: Confidence, Credibility and Connection. It is these three elements combined that enable influence and, whilst many people are good with one or two of them naturally, harnessing all three is what really makes the difference.


For you to influence your business stakeholders you need to be seen as confident in all situations. Whilst you will be naturally confident in many situations, it may be that engaging with senior stakeholders around business-focused topics sets the butterflies going in your stomach. It is completely natural to experience situational dips in confidence but it is important that you manage your state when these occur. A lack of confidence in a situation will communicate itself through your body language (you might start to ‘upper body breathe’ or fidget unnecessarily for example) and impact how you conduct the conversations you have.

‘Confidence’ is a state just as ‘nervous’ or ‘anxious’ are states. A state is a combination of your thoughts, emotions and physiology. By changing any one or more of these components you change your state. A powerful first step to dealing with those situations where you lack enough confidence is to be aware of how you feel and then choose to think of a time when you were confident. Recall a specific memory (it does not need to be in the context of influencing, it can be any time when you experienced being confident) and bring that memory to the front of your mind. Recall what was happening and what you saw. Imagine turning up the brightness of the memory and make sure that you are seeing a moving film of the memory through your own eyes. By changing your ‘thoughts’ to focus on a confident memory rather than whatever else you might have been feeling enables you to be more resourceful. Combine this with focusing on breathing from your diaphragm rather than from your upper body and you have changed two of the three variables that make up a state.

For an interesting clip of the impact of body language on your state, check out the Amy Cuddy presentation on TED.

Being proactive around managing your state so that you are more confident allows you to then consider the other two components of effective influence.

Credibility and Connection

As humans we have preferences in how we communicate with and relate to others. An important aspect in influencing is our preference for either connecting with people at a human, personal level or at a business credible level. Certain groups of people prefer Credibility (think of lawyers, doctors, airline pilots) whilst others prefer Connection (think of sales people, air stewards, customer service staff). Based on our preference, we tend to use certain ways of communicating of which we are often not consciously aware. For example, ‘Credible’ preference people often:

  • focus on knowledge and facts, want to be respected
  • speak with a more monotone voice with sentences ending in a downward inflection
  • use palms down hand gestures, often communicate directly, generally sit upright
  • respond to questions and statements that they see as credible or that make them curious

‘Connection’ preference people often:

  • focus on personal details, understanding people as individuals, want to be liked
  • speak with more tonal variation, or musicality, sometimes ending sentences on an upward inflection
  • use palms up gestures, generally lean towards the other person with head tilted
  • respond to people who show a more personal interest in them

So much of what we communicate is in our voice, tone and body language so that our own preference (and that of others) is communicated beyond the words we speak. To influence we need to be able to demonstrate both Credibility and Connection. 

If you have a preference for Connection it is likely to be the way that you tend to communicate with everyone. If you need to influence someone who has a Credibility preference then knowing this and being able to adapt is going to increase your success.

Where do you start?

Whilst there is a lot of detail behind the ideas mentioned here, there are some simple steps that you can take immediately:

  • Be aware of your state when you approach a specific influencing situation. If you are not confident, take action to address this first.
  • What is your preference? Identify whether your preference is for ‘Credibility’ or ‘Connection’. Knowing this enables you to be flexible.
  • What is the preference of the person you are seeking to influence? Consider their needs and how they like to communicate.
  • When do you need to demonstrate ‘Credibility’ through your conversations and when do you need to establish more ‘Connection’? Make these decisions more conscious.
  • For ‘Credibles’, ask great questions (plan these in advance) and make statements that demonstrate insight or make them curious.
  • Don’t forget to ‘build the ‘Why’?’ Anything you want someone to do requires them to see a compelling ‘What’s in it for me? either for them as individuals or for the business. Start here. Always.
  • Appeal to the emotions. Resist the urge only to focus on logic and analysis in your arguments and remember that people take action because they feel compelled to. Make people feel something and they will act!

Try to put these techniques into practice before your next key meeting and see what difference it makes.



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