Redundancy: 20 employees or more

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Preliminary issues
Collective redundancy consultation process
Individual redundancy consultation
Individual consultation general meeting
First individual meeting
Final individual meeting
Appeal meeting


  • Tom Walker, Head of the Employment Department and Hester Jewitt, a solicitor at Pennington Manches, set out below the key issues and key aspects of procedure when dealing with redundancies for 20 employees or more.
  • Where 20 or more employees are involved, a process of statutory ‘collective consultation’ with trade union or employee representatives must take place. Although this may sound daunting, it is a relatively practical process, which if adhered to should protect an employer from any successful tribunal challenges.
  • Certain time limits and consultation requirements must be met. It is not worth cutting corners. Not only could an employee claim unfair dismissal, they might also claim a ‘protective award’ of 90 days pay for a breach of the statutory process.

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