Modern Slavery Act - A Supplier's Guide

Topic Index
What is the Modern Slavery Act 2015?
What are the Modern Slavery Act disclosure requirements?
Which businesses will be affected by the Modern Slavery Act and when must they comply?
How will SMEs in the supply chain be affected by the Modern Slavery Act?
How can SME suppliers prepare for Modern Slavery Act information requests?
Can supply chain members refuse to provide Modern Slavery Act information?


  • Most people think that the Modern Slavery Act 2015 only applies to big companies – and it does, to some extent.
  • However, the Act is set to become the most far-reaching piece of legislation of 2016. Why? 
  • Because, contrary to popular belief, the new obligations that it places on large employers are designed to have a knock-on effect, resulting in most of the UK’s 5.4 million SMEs being caught by the legislation in some shape or form.
  • Marian Bloodworth, Employment Partner, and Elizabeth Marshall, Senior Associate, at Kemp Little LLP look behind the new disclosure requirements and explain what SMEs need to know about this new legislation.
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