LinkedIn – the HR and legal issues

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LinkedIn - social vs legal
Who owns the LinkedIn account?
Who owns the LinkedIn connections?
Do LinkedIn connections amount to confidential information that can be protected?
Using traditional post-termination restrictions for LinkedIn protections
LinkedIn – HR actions
  • LinkedIn can give former employees unfettered access to employers’ most important business contacts, often via connections made whilst the employee was working for them.
  • Gareth Matthews from MLP Law looks at how you can take steps to help protect your business and prevent the losses that this can cause.
  • Use of the business social media tool LinkedIn is widespread, with an estimated 200 million users worldwide and around 11 million in the UK alone. Many businesses encourage the use of LinkedIn by their employees, having recognised how it can be used to promote a business. However, what many employers are becoming more aware of is that LinkedIn is perhaps a more effective promoter of individuals than it is of companies.
  • This is creating a crucial shift in dynamic, with employees now frequently holding the key to their employer’s important contacts, rather than the employer itself. This has led many businesses to question just how well they’re protected in the social media age and in turn has led to lawyers and HR advisers trying to come up with practical solutions to improve protection.
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