Handling holiday issues

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Basic statutory entitlement
Statutory holiday pay
Holidays and sickness
Inability to get to work
Holidays and discrimination issues


  • Holidays and the handling of them have given rise to much confusion and much case law (some of it conflicting) over recent years.
  • Using a Q&A format, Sarah Hutter from Ashurst LLP, deals with the rules on statutory leave as granted by the Working Time Regulations, as well as considering the more problematic areas such as holidays and sickness and discrimination issues.
  • In 2011 the government put forward plans to amend UK law on annual leave to deal with such issues as the carry over of statutory leave and what happens when a worker is ill during leave but, as yet, no amending law has been proposed. It’s fair to say that case law developments, both here and in Europe, have to a large extent probably overtaken the government’s initial proposals.
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