EU Developments

Age bar was legitimate

A German law restricting applications to join the fire service to those aged under 30 was a legitimate employment policy and could also be defended as a genuine occupational requirement.


European Works Council Directive to be revised

The government is consulting on regulations which will implement to revised European Works Council Directive.

Payments during pregnancy

The Pregnant Workers Directive does not require that a pregnant employee who is temporarily transferred to another job on health and safety grounds is paid the same as she received before the transfer.

Parental leave and notice pay

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) has held that the EU framework agreement on parental leave entitles workers dismissed without the statutory period of notice while on part-time parental leave, to be paid compensation based on their ordinary full-time salary rather than their reduced salary received while on parental leave.


Collective redundancy consultation

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) has held that the consultation provisions in the Collective Redundancies Directive are triggered where strategic decisions are taken which compel the employer to contemplate or plan collective redundancies.


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