Working time regulations

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  • The Working Time Regulations (WTR) govern the health and safety requirements on employers as regards limits on hours worked, rest breaks, statutory holiday entitlement, and organisation of working time.
  • The WTR apply to the wider category of 'workers' as well as to employees. They apply to those who work under a contract of employment and to those who work under any other contract where the individual performs work personally for another party (as long as the other party is not a customer or client of any business or profession undertaken by the individual).
  • The WTR do not apply to the genuinely self-employed but they do apply to agency staff and freelancers who are categorised as 'workers'.
  • The WTR also do not apply to people whose working time is not measured or predetermined or if the working time can be determined by the worker himself. This would include such people as managing executives and other people with autonomous decision-taking powers. ...
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