Maternity leave and pay

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The right to take maternity leave
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Rights and obligations during pregnancy and maternity leave
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Redundancy during maternity leave
Returning to work
Maternity pay




  • Pregnant staff have comprehensive legal protections and employers must be aware of these or risk facing potentially expensive tribunal claims.
  • A pregnant employee has the right:
    • not be dismissed, selected for redundancy, or subjected to any disadvantage because she is pregnant or for any reason connected with childbirth or pregnancy
    • to 52 weeks' maternity leave
    • to 39 weeks' statutory maternity pay (SMP)
    • to a reasonable amount of paid time off work for antenatal care
    • to return to work in the same job after maternity leave (or, in certain cases, to a suitable alternative job)
    • to be paid normally if suspended from work on maternity grounds – unless she unreasonably refuses an offer of suitable alternative work
    • to be transferred from night work to day work if her doctor says that night work is affecting her health or that of her child
    • to have access to rest facilities during normal working hours if pregnant or breastfeeding
  • From 2015 a new system of shared parental leave and pay will operate whereby the mother of a new baby will be able to convert statutory maternity and pay into shared parental leave and pay to enable greater sharing of childcare responsibilities between both parents....
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