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  • The responsibility GPs had to assess their patients’ long-term capability for work has been passed to a new occupational health service - the Fit for Work scheme (FfW).
  • There are two websites: Fit for Work - England and Wales and Fit for Work - Scotland.
  • The FfW is a state-funded, assessment service for any employee who is off work for 4 weeks or more ill or injured.
  • A referral to the FfW should be made after 4 weeks’ continuous absence, this being the point when the government considers it’s likely that a longer-term absence will occur with the increased risk that an employee will move on to claiming state benefits.
  • Employees will normally be referred by their GP but in some cases employers can make a referral (the employer referral facility went live in England and Wales from September 2015). 
  • FfW is not compulsory; an employee must agree to participate.
  • FfW aims to signpost relevant interventions that might return the employee to the workplace more quickly. FfW will make an assessment and produce a return-to-work plan. Some of the findings of FfW can be used by both employers and employees to make adjustments in the workplace that might lead to a shortened absence. Alternatively, the assessment process might result in the employee being given early signposting to medical treatments.
  • FfW is intended to complement, rather than replace, existing occupational health provision. Where appropriate, FfW will engage with an employer's existing occupational health providers to formulate and facilitate return-to-work plans. 
  • FfW is expected to be of particular value in SMEs where there is no, or limited, employer occupational health support available.
  • The service is a telephone/web-based assessment tool for the majority of users.
  • A tax relief, capped at an annual expenditure of £500 per employee, is available to help employers fund the treatment staff. 
  • The helpline is operational: 0800 032 6235, 8.30am to 6pm, Monday to Friday.
  • The roll out of FfW was fully completed in July 2015. 
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