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Subscribers to HRBullets can access the e-mail legal support service where advice and guidance on all aspects of UK employment law can be obtained.


We are pleased to be working with te Law who provide tailored employment law solutions to the full range of employment law issues for clients from all sectors. The service to subscribers includes e-mail advice on employment law matters, providing ready access to advice on relatively straightforward employment law issues.


  • The e-mail advice service is available between 9.00 am to 5.00 pm Monday to Friday on working office days.
  • Advice can only be given to subscribers who have a current, paid subscription.
  • The e-mail advice offered is not an insurance-based scheme because we believe that such schemes sometimes do not offer the best commercial advice. We prefer to tailor our advice precisely to your needs.
  • Subscribers can e-mail queries on an unlimited number of different matters. However, any single matter that requires more than 20 minutes of advice in total, or, for example, requires the drafting of documentation or detailed written advice, is not covered by this service. You will be informed in advance as and when this becomes the case.
  • Subscribers should note that the advice provided will carry a disclaimer for any legal liability owing to the fact that they will not have entered into a formal relationship with T E Law. Should you choose to take your enquiry further, this will change once T E Law send you their terms of business.
  • Some areas of work are automatically not covered in your subscription, for example certain types of health and safety law (e.g. HSE investigations), advice or work for third parties (i.e. clients of consultants), personal employment advice, and hypothetical or academic matters (queries must relate to 'live' workplace issues).
  • Calls may be recorded for training and monitoring purposes.
  • Subscribers to can benefit from preferential rates from TE Law for dealing with any matters outside the scope of the e-mail legal support as outlined above.

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